To effectively target your marketing you need to know who you are “targeting” and what the key benefits your product or service provides for them.  The best way to do this is to first decide who your ideal clients are THEN build your marketing messages to attract them.

You will have more than one “ideal client.”  You will have several.  Each will receive their own “key benefit” marketing message.

To determine your ideal clients consider the following:

  • Who does your product or service best benefit?
  • What specific outcome or problem/solution is the client seeking?
  • Is this type of client committed to gaining the outcome you provide?
  • Can these clients afford and are they willing to pay to get this outcome?
  • Are these clients easy to find in a “group?”
    • LinkedIn, Facebook, Chamber of Commerce, local organizations, etc.?
  • Are you a good fit for these types of clients?
    • i.e., do you want to work with them?

Go SMALL and NARROW first:

  • Try to identify the smallest group possible first.
    • Not just “doctors”
      • Rather “doctors who own their own practice, in Overland Park, who do cosmetic surgery.”
    • This makes it MUCH easier to find and target your marketing message.

Business Growth Action Item:

  • Who are the ideal clients for your business?
    • Define 3 to 5 ideal clients and the groups in which you can find them.

Who Are Your Ideal Clients? – Handout

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