A Passion for Business Growth

Entrepreneurs and business leaders change the world.
Innovation, courage, and an ability to see the world better than it is; then make it so.  These are the hallmarks of great business leaders. I have a passion for helping them reach their goals as quickly, easily, and as effectively as possible.

As a serial entrepreneur myself of more than 20 companies, I know well the challenges you experience in building and running your business.  I know the problems you are facing, because I have faced them.  And I know the successes ahead in your future, because I have enjoyed those too.

A passion for accelerating your success.
Much of my early career was spent “reinventing the wheel” of business building.  There was a lot of “trial and error”, many “false starts”, and many “what’s most important now” days and night.  I am absolutely committed to ensuring this doesn’t happen to you and your business.


Aaron Brauch, MBA Anthony Robbins Platinum Partner Management Consultant & Business Advisor   Aaron Brauch, MBA Anthony Robbins Platinum Partner Management Consultant & Business Advisor Aaron & Tony Robbins at Skibo Castle, Scotland Aaron & Tony Robbins at Skibo Castle, Scotland

Clarity, strategy, network, and accountability.

Business success is about focus.  It’s about doing the most important things first using the best strategies, and keeping consistently on track to your goal.  This is the ultimate success formula for all great accomplishments, and it is the help I bring to your business and your success.  Keeping you clearly focused, using the best business practices, and accountable to your own success and goals.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Founder/CEO of 20 companies.  Including
    • ✔ 2 that became absolutely dominate in their markets
    • ✔ 5 that grew to multi-million dollar operations
    • ✔ 1 that received a private equity funding offer valuing it at $100+ million.
  • MBA, Cornell University & BS in Software Engineering
  • Anthony Robbins Platinum Partner trained management consultant and business & life coach.  Particular areas of interest and specialization:
    • ✔ Entrepreneurial success systems and psychology.
    • ✔ Psychology and habits of passionate intimate relationships.
      – (Anyone who thinks their personal relationships don’t impact their business is … well … confused. LOL. Get good at BOTH your business and personal life.)

Committed to your success.

I have spent decades immersed in the learning all I could about personal and professional development, peak performance strategies, human dynamics psychology, and business mastery. Reading and listening to over 1,000 books and audio programs, attending dozens upon dozens of seminars, and traveling the world with Tony Robbins as I watched and learned how to make massive and immediate transformations in people’s lives and businesses.

I now bring this experience and training to you, to help you make your own business improvements, changes, and transformations.

Today as a management consultant and business advisor, my career is helping others transformation their businesses and their lives. I help them organize their business to go to the next level.  To help them earn more money, start or take their business to the next level, become more efficient, effective and profitable, to earn much more money with less effort.   I’ve worked with 100’s of companies, and 1,000’s of individuals worldwide including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, U.K., China, India, Germany, Japan and Australia.

Live with Passion, Power, and Abundance,
Aaron Brauch

Professional Bio

Aaron is a management consultant & business coach specializing in entrepreneurial business growth and development.

Prior to starting his private practice, Aaron had over 20 years of experience as Chief Executive Officer or principle of 20 companies in a wide range of industries including advertising, entertainment, graphic design, healthcare, real estate, and software development,  Recently he turned around a near bankrupt medical device firm, advanced the company’s cervical cancer early detection and treatment technology; and obtained a private equity offer valuing the company at more than $100 million dollars.

His unique business development approach has been called “boldly innovative” and “surprisingly thought-provoking” by professionals he’s worked with. Employing a unique combination of confident character, laser focus and deep compassion, Aaron delivers a talent for helping entrepreneurs and professionals create extraordinary performance and fulfillment in their businesses and lives.  His strategic approach — keep it hyper-focused, keep it simple, and take action now.

Aaron’s reputation for being a business and professional “game changer” has been the mainstay of his career.


Cornell University, MBA
Software Engineering, BS

Credentials & Honors

Anthony Robbins Platinum Partner
Trained Management Consultant and Business & Life Coach

Mensa International
Life Member