Business Mastery Workshop

Business Mastery

How Successful Entrepreneurs Think About And Build Great Businesses
… and You Can Too.

Next Event: August 12, 2016 in Kansas City, KS



Business Mastery will transform your success psychology and help you grow your business and profits to remarkable new levels.

Understand the critical factors impacting your business. Then focus and align your psychology and business with the proven strategies used by the greatest entrepreneurs of our time, to build companies like Apple, American Express, Facebook and Google.

Business Mastery clearly breaks down the strategies and success psychology you need to compete and win in any market. And it provides you a step-by-step success plan for reaching your most important personal, professional, and financial goals.


·         How the best entrepreneurs ‘think’ about their business that makes them unstoppable.

o   This one powerful idea can completely transform your life and business.

·         The single most important thing you MUST have to raise money from investors.

o   With it, you win. Without it, you lose. Period.

o   And it is NOT in 99% of business books.

·         How successful entrepreneurs get so much done in so little time.

o   The specific system used by nearly all hyper-productive entrepreneurs.

o   And how you can use it to quickly increase your results.

·         And much more.

This fun fast-paced 3-hour workshop will give you a written blueprint for your own personal success.

Learn the secrets to Business Mastery, and instantly transform your business and your life.

What others say about the Business Mastery Workshop

“The best thing that I have done is invest in myself with this program!”
–Patrick O’Neil. Mortgage Broker, San Jose, CA

“Great workshops to stay on top of your game. Highly recommended for everyone.”
–Kyle Moore, Restaurant Owner, Madison, WI

“Aaron will change your life forever.”
–Ron B., Finance, Houston, TX

About Your Speaker
Aaron Brauch

Aaron Brauch Anthony Robbins Platinum Partner Business & Life Coach

Aaron Brauch Anthony Robbins Platinum Partner Business & Life Coach


Aaron helps entrepreneurs build great businesses and live outstanding lives.

He is the CEO of Strategic Life Skills, a Business & Life Coaching firm based in Kansas City,  He teaches leaders and their teams the proven strategies of:

·         Peak performance.

·         Motivation.

·         Influence. And

·         How to get the best results from themselves and others.

At one time penniless and living out of his car, Aaron used the skills he now teaches to completely transform his life.

He has:

·         Built 5 multi-million dollar businesses.

o   Including one that received a private equity offer valuing it at over $100 million dollars.

·         Is an Anthony Robbins Platinum Partner trained business and life coach.

·         Has been inducted into Mensa as a Life Member. And

·         Has earned an MBA from Cornell University.

Now he helps others transform their lives too.

Aaron speaks, coaches, and conducts workshops all over the world.  Where he teaches like-minded entrepreneurs to become the BEST versions of themselves.  And make the most of their TIME, MONEY, ENERGY and INNATE TALENTS.

“You ARE the hero of your own story. Write it in advance, and make it GREAT.”

–Aaron Brauch

Aaron Brauch, Entrepreneurial Business Coach

Helping Entrepreneurs Grow Their Business, Their Teams, Their Profits, and Themselves.

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