The Top 5 Money Mindsets That Will Make You Rich.


The biggest obstacle to you making more money and becoming rich, or in fact to reaching any goal, is in your mind and mindset.  Your core beliefs about yourself are the limiting factors that determine your success in every area of your life.  Most notably and measurable … your level of financial success.

 Change your mindset and you change your financial destiny.

 The formula is very simple:

 Your Thoughts (Mindset) determine your beliefs.  Your beliefs determine your habits, most importantly your habits of thought.  Your habits dictate your actions.  Your actions lead to your results.  And your results feedback and reinforce your thoughts and beliefs about yourself.

 Thoughts = Beliefs = Habits = Actions = Results.

 The correct thoughts repeated over and over again, lead absolutely and 100% predictably to your results in life.  Including results of financial success; and becoming financially abundance, wealthy, and rich.

 To be rich you must think and develop the character traits of the rich.  This then leads you to automatically be drawn towards and pulled to the behaviors that cause you to earn like the rich.  In this way you are ‘pulled’ towards your goals, rather than having to constantly be in an uphill battle to ‘push’ yourself towards them.

 The only difference between you and a multi-millionaire or billionaire is in the way you are thinking.  Limiting beliefs about yourself limit what you believe you can and cannot do, be, and have.  Empowering beliefs empower you to believe you can do, be, and have more.  Including much more money, fulfillment, and joy.

Below are 5 crucial mindsets that you MUST develop and ‘install’ in yourself for massive financial success and abundance.

 Watch this video first to learn about using empowering language to transform your life.  It includes the exact step by step instructions for reprograming your thoughts and beliefs.  It also contains the all important ‘I Am Enough’ incantation, which is the core of all success, particularly financial success.

Video:  The Magic of Language to Transform Your Life

 Then use what you learn in the video to install these 5 powerful mindsets to accelerate your progress towards massive financial success.

 The Top 5 Key Money Mindsets That Will Make You Rich.

  • I am enough
    • This belief ‘gives you permission’ to do well in life and eliminate many ‘stories’ and ‘reasons’ for lack of current success.
  • I LIKE money and I am REALLY good at making it.
    • You need to believe this in order to begin the ‘money making’ journey.
  • I am highly efficient, effective, and exceptionally well organized.
    • This belief begins to ‘clean up’ your environment and mind so you can clearly focus on your goals.
  • I am incredibly focused and self-disciplined. I do what matters most, and make massive measurable progress daily.
    • This belief helps focus your mind on doing the most important things first and gives you a belief in yourself that you are self-disciplined and will get it done.
  • I earn more than $1,000,000 per year in personal net income. Money matters.  It’s important.  And I LOVE being rich.
    • This incantation sets a specific goal (you can substitute your own number but what the heck, go big. Why not a million dollars per year.)  It creates a belief in your mind that money is in fact important (regardless of what you have been told and perhaps taught as a child).  And it creates a powerful emotional connection and permission to LOVE being rich.  (Trust me, it IS fun.  You’ll like it.)


The key to becoming rich is to change the way you think about yourself, your life, your earnings capability, and money in general.  Rich people do not have negative associations to money.  They have very positive associations and thoughts about money, making money, and being rich.  If you want to join them, you must think that way too.

The above 5 Key Money Mindsets can completely transform how you think and feel about money.  And as a result, the actions you take towards earning it.  Lots of it.  Lots and lots of it.

Mindset is everything.  Change the way you think, and you change your life.


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