Life Mastery Series

Setting Yourself Up For
Your Best Goal ‘Getting’ Year Ever.

  1. Do an annual review of last year.
    • Health, wealth, relationships.
    • Personal development, improvements, growth, and accomplishments.
    • Life in general.

What did you do right?  What went well?  What were some of the great experiences and improvements?

Note: Do NOT focus on what didn’t go well.  You can ONLY build on success, NEVER on failure.

Example: Your 2016 goal was to lose 40 lbs. You lost 5 lbs., then gained it back plus some.

  • So now you’re heavier than you were last year.
  • Who cares? You LOST 5 LBS.!  That’s great.  You know how to do that. Now this year, you already know how to lose 5 lbs. Now you’re just going to do that a few more times.
  1. Make a HUGE list of goals. (I had about 500 this year.)
    • Things you want, experiences and people to enjoy, ways you want to improve yourself.
    • Think ‘People, Places, Things, Experiences, Me.’
  2. Now think about these goals in 3 major categories:
    • Health
    • Wealth
    • Relationships
    • (Massive ‘extra credit’ — add ‘Personal Development & Improvement’ as a 4th Because … if you get better, your whole world gets better.)
  3. Set 3 (or 4) ‘Primary Overarching Moving TOWARDS’ Goals. One for each category.
    • These ‘Overarching Goals’ will automatically encompass a lot of the ‘sub-goals’.
    • Example:
      • One of your goals is to lose 50 lbs.
        • It used to be 40 lbs. but you gained an additional 10 lbs. last year, so now it’s 50 lbs. L
        • You also want to exercise more, eat better, sleep better, drink less soda, and just a whole list of other stuff you want to improve in your health.
        • Now THAT will be hard. You have WAY too many. It’s overwhelming.
      • You do NOT want to lose 50 lbs. That is a ‘moving AWAY from’ goal. What you WANT is to
        • ‘Enjoy my strong, healthy, lean, powerful, beautiful 175 lb. body.’
        • Now THAT is Primary Overarching Moving TOWARDS goal.
        • And to move towards that, a lot of the sub-goals will happen automatically.
  4. Now you only have 3 goals to focus on.
    • And you have statements that will ‘pull’ you towards them. The rest is just details.

Setting Yourself Up For Your Best Goal Getting Year Ever – Handout.pdf

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