Rapport is the feeling of “connection” between people.  “Rapport Skills” is the science of how this is done.  How to improve and magnify it.  And how to use it in your life and business.  One technique, matching and mirroring, can be so powerful that one person begins to feel and KNOW what the other is thinking.  For managers, sales people, and for use in your everyday life …. this is an invaluable skill to have and know.

Rapport is a Skill … A Scientific Skill. It can be improved, learned and taught.

The process of “matching and mirroring”, i.e., copying the vocal speed, volume, tonality, vocabulary; and the body language, gestures, posture, breathing rate, etc. of another person quickly leads one to be able to “feel what the other is feeling.”  This creates an incredibly strong communication bond between the two individuals.

Every wonder how a great magician can “read someone’s mind?”  Or a very well trained law enforcement interrogator just “knows when someone is lying?”  This is how they do it.  They use Rapport Skills to “connect” to the other person’s emotions and thoughts.

Done deliberately and well, and for an extended time, people in exact and deep Rapport begin to not only feel what the other is feeling, they begin to KNOW what the other is thinking.

This video demonstrates the ultimate power of matching and mirroring in creating a “connection” between two people.

Extreme matching and mirroring can create such deep Rapport that one person can literally “read” other person’s mind and emotions.


Rapport skills are one of the most powerful of all leadership, sales, and persuasion skills.

The ability to “feel what another is feeling” and then communicate with them from “their frame of reference,” allows you to understand and influence them from a deep emotional connection.  90% of any sale is emotional, only 10% is logic. (If you don’t trust somebody or believe they don’t have your best interest at heart, it doesn’t matter what the price is … you’re not buying.)

If your company or teams aren’t using well developed Rapport Skills, you are missing huge opportunities.

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