Life Mastery Series

The Magic of Language to Transform Your Life.

This video discusses using language you deliberately ‘choose in advance’ to overwrite dis-empowering ‘thought habits’ that may be limiting your life.

It contains the all important ‘I Am Enough’ in-CAN-tation to overcome and rewrite the primary fear of ‘I’m not enough.’ Examples of which include — Not smart enough. Not pretty enough. Not rich enough. Too fat. Too skinny. Too old. Too Young. Etc., etc., etc.  Anything we tell ourselves repeatedly (in-CANT-ations) that limits our beliefs about who we are and what we can do.

Suggested time to install the ‘I Am Enough’ incantation … 2 weeks.

Over and over and over again. Remember, you are competing against 60,000 thoughts a day … for each day you have been alive. We have some ‘rewriting’ to do.  🙂

No handout for this module.

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