Life Mastery Series

Why You Need Goals
The Philosophy of Achievement


  1. The purpose of your life is to enjoy it.
  2. You are not immortal.
    There is a time limit to this ‘game of life.’
  3. You can have ANYTHING you want.
    You just can’t have EVERYTHING you want.
  4. It’s not what you ‘get’ that is the real prize.
    It’s who you BECOME in the process that is the true value.
  5. Don’t set the game up so you must ‘achieve to be happy.’
    You want to set the game up so you ‘happily achieve.’
  6. Goals let you consciously and deliberately
    ‘Choose your own experience of life … in advance.’
  7. Choose to live fully, passionately, joyfully in every area of your life.
    Health, wealth, relationships, personal development.
  8. Choose now. Choose wisely.

Why You Need Goals – The Philosophy of Achievement – Handout

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