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What Is Your Investable Business Opportunity?

If 90% of sales is emotional, and only 10% is logical; what is the 10% you need to ‘close the deal’ for prospects?

It is the ‘Investable Business Opportunity’ and how that is communicated.

Many small businesses do not clearly communicate how potential new clients actually get a return on investment from their product or service.

An ‘Investable Business Opportunity’ is a way of communicating the value of your product or service in such a way that it makes good, logical ‘economic sense’ to a prospect.  This is the 10% of logic necessary to make the 90% emotional sale ‘make sense.’

How to communicate your product/service opportunity.

1.       Know how your product or service makes money for a client.

a.       If they buy from you, specifically how and how much return can they expect?

b.      Over what period of time?

2.       Use stories of other clients to demonstrate the process and the potential return.

a.       Emotionally charged hero stories are best.

3.       Use simplified real numbers in the format “They invested X and got Y.”  For example

a.       “I had a client just like you who had a problem similar to yours ….. “

b.      “They brought me on as a consultant for their company, and within 1 month we closed a new business deal that earned them over $560,000.”

Every business should have several of these ‘Investable Business Opportunity’ stories for a variety of problem/solution scenarios.  Find ways to weave them into your marketing, sales scripts, and selling systems.

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