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Client grows his business 400% in 12 months.

Becomes the #1 Insurance Agent in the State of Kansas.

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Client gets clarity in his business and turns around sales immediately.

Sales turn around the very next day.

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This is my testimonial.

Aaron Brauch

CEO, Strategic Life Skills

Aaron’s coaching has been invaluable for my business.

His perspective and familiarization with my industry has provided me with the clarity and focus needed to take my business to the next level.

I highly recommend him to individuals who are serious about growing their business.

Clay Westerlund

Owner, Mass Momentum Consulting

Aaron will change your life forever.

Aaron has absolutely transformed every area of my life. My business has more than doubled in the last 6 months and I’m on schedule to make in excess of 3 times what I’ve made in any other year. He keeps me focused, motivated, and on track. Guiding and pushing me to a level of success I never could have achieved on my own.

Richard S.


Since working with you for the past three years, I have learned so much valuable information it is hard to summarize it in words in just mere sentences.

What began as professional coaching has turned into so much more. You have taught me to truly see the beauty in the world and myself and my loved ones. You have taught me to enjoy the successes and truly relish the challenges of life.
Whether it was finding the right job or improving my personal relationships, your insight, understanding and true compassion for the world has provided true blue proven results in my life: I credit you much with finding the right job, enhancing my marriage and improving my communications with not just others but myself.
You are an inspiration and truly care. We may have a business relationship that does involve the exchange of money, but I consider you a true friend. Isn’t that what everyone wants in a coach?
As a sales consultant myself, as you can imagine hiring a coach to coach the coach was no easy task. But the time we have spent together has been worth every penny of it. Keep up the great work.


Consultant, Chicago, IL

My Business has gotten a shot of adrenaline and we are flying now!

The coaching that I have received has brought me so much insight on my business and niche that I have already brought in 3x the income stream that we were doing just 6 short months ago. It is unbelievable how things can change for you if you just have an open mind and put it in the care of great people like this. Thank you for the support.


Naperville, IL

Best personal experience I’ve ever had at workshops!

Aaron is the best!! The level of attention that he has paid to me has paid off so much. I will continue to utilize his great services and the sky is the limit for me and my company.


Real Estate, Pittsburgh, PA

You showed me a path that I never knew was even available to me.

You guys managed to help me out with my practice and it honestly not only helped me professionally but you helped to improve my personal life. The stress that was relieved from me after only a hand full of meetings still just blows my mind! You guys are wonderful and I can’t thank you all enough.


Where was this workshop when I first began my Business! I am just so happy that I found you guys. Thank You All.

I first would like to start off by saying that I owe so much to the lovely people at Strategic Life Skills. My business was sagging with sales in my 4th year of operation, we started off strong and it just seemed like one road block after another that I did not always have the answer for. All of this took some of my laser focus off of the daily management that we all go through as owner/operators. After looking around the internet for a long time and I mean a long time! I came across their website and was intrigued by the response that I had gotten after I submitted some information on their Contact Us page. After some thought I decided to utilize their services and I took full advantage of the workshops. For me the 7 pillars of great leadership really helped me reel in my employees and get us all pointed in the right direction again and working as a unit. This leadership workshop has helped me notice what a difference it makes when your team is headed by a strong leader. The selling portion was a real eye opener also! Once I implemented it into my business I saw results start to come in much quicker than I thought possible. My only advice to anyone on the fence about the services offered here is to just go with your gut and take this chance on a great team that has your businesses success as their #1 goal and you will quickly see that! Good Luck to you all and God Bless.

Marc Nelson

Proud Business Owner/Operator

Coaching and Consulting with Aaron changed the direction that my Business was going in!! Just great work!!

Running a small business is a daunting task for just about everyone that takes that journey. There are so many different factors of the business that new business owners struggle with and I am no exception. I have a small business in Illinois and we have had a good first two years, now my focus needed to turn to growing the business. This proved difficult for me and I was having trouble running the daily business and financing while also planning for our growth. My brother in law recommended a website called so I decided to check them out. After looking around I was pulled into the direction of the Coaching and Consulting. Let me just say that the combination of the two was like a miracle for me personally. I was able to focus on my business while also getting invaluable advice and guidance from trusted professionals with experience. I now know that my company is on the right track for growth and continued success. Taking on the services of Strategic Life Skills was one of the best decisions of my business life. Thank you again!

Eric Middleton

Owner and Operator in Chicago,IL

Working with you has been the ultimate gift.

Thanks for helping me learn to see what is beautiful about people, places and things and to heighten my awareness to opportunities to serve. I am seeing things differently and I am amazed every day how my vocabulary has positively changed. WOW!!! You have been great.


You have changed my life both professionally and personally and I am forever grateful!

From day one you changed my perception on life dramatically and with such compassion. The years of professional help I have encountered could not equal a single session with you as you helped me focus on the “solution” from the moment we spoke. Thank you for opening my eyes and mind to see my true potential not only in myself, but in my career and family as well!

Cara P.

Digital Media Sales, Kansas City, KS

You are a light for many.
Aaron, Thanks for the push forward. You made me know that I make a difference.

Bonnie S.

Restaurateur, Houston, TX

Coaching from Aaron is the best money I ever spent. EVER !
He not only changed my career and finances for the better, he also gave me perceptions and skills which have improved my life on all levels.

Tracy M.

Attorney, New York, NY.

In one conversation you completely expanded my vision for my business.

You showed me opportunities and possibilities far beyond anything I had ever imagined. In the next conversation, you completely changed my personal life. I am doing things now I could only have dreamed about. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Michael B.

Real Estate, Phoenix, NV

What Others Say About Business Coaching

I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities.

Bob Nardelli

President & CEO, Home Depot

Recent studies show business and executive coaching to be the most effective means for achieving sustainable growth, change and development in the individual, group and organization.

HR Monthly

Research proves that the return on investment from intensive coaching and personal development is 30 times the amount invested.

Brian Tracy

Author & Success Expert

The benefits of coaching win over even the most cynical clients within just a few weeks.

Money Magazine

70% of the Fortune 500 use Business Coaches.
Why? Because they work.

A coach keeps clearly focused, on-track, constantly growing and shaves years off the the journey to your success.
Invest in the best coach you can possibly find.

Feedback from ‘The Power to Influence’ Workshop

Presented at Annan Marketing, Kansas City, KS Workshop concluded 6-28-2016
Business Purpose of the Workshop: Improve employee engagement, customer service, and sales. 

The comments are very positive. I certainly appreciate your time devoted to understand the needs of Annan, customizing the training to meet our needs, the very positive presentation skills, adjusting to training needs throughout the training, and willingness to share your experiences which help Annan. I do believe everyone learned something and can apply what was learned for the first time or a reminder to them. The evaluations on you were very positive! We have emotional intelligence!! Thank you.

Rod Annan

Owner – Annan Marketing

I very much enjoyed Aaron’s presentations. His style holds your interest and sessions weren’t too long. He quantified principles and practice that I use daily. Thank you for this training.


The tools you have given us Aaron, as you said, apply in every area of our lives. And will help us all be better prepared to handle situation with much better outcomes. Thank you again for everything.

Shar Yantzi

Annan Marketing

Thank you Aaron for providing us with life changing tools.


This training has been very life enriching and I thank you for it.