Marketing Mastery Series

The One Liner

Marketing and Sales is all about helping people with a problem make a transformation into a successful outcome.

·         Marketing communicates that you have a solution to their problem.

·         Sales helps them take action to get that transformation.

The BEST way to market is through the concept of a ‘one liner’ simple statement that explains what your company offers and how it helps prospective clients.  This is different than a “who and do what” statement, as it provides a ‘successful ending’ to the customer buying journey story.

Example ‘who and do what’ statement for a Financial Advisor:

·         ‘We help you retire early with peace of mind.’

Here’s how to structure a one liner for maximum impact.

1.       Identify and state your customer’s problem.

2.       Explain your plan to help them.

3.       Describe a successful ending to their story.

Think about the structure like this.

1.       Problem – What problem does the prospect have?

2.       System – What is your ‘system’ for solving the problem?

3.       Hero – How does your system make the client a hero when the problem is solved?

Example one liner for a Financial Advisor

1.       “Most people don’t have a complete picture and map of their financial future

2.       So we create a financial dashboard that puts all your info in one place that you can access anytime

3.       Giving you complete control and peace of mind about your finances.”

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