Leadership Mastery Series

Inspect What You Expect.

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”
“What gets measured gets improved.”
–Peter Drucker, (Considered the founder of modern management.)

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

  • This means there must be a system in place for doing that measurement. And
  • You as the leader/manager MUST ‘Inspect What You Expect’.

There should be a regular and formalize ‘feedback loop’ for all critical outcomes and milestones.

  • Ideally with measurable numbers and dates attached.

No task should be assigned without such a loop in place.  And it should be in writing.

Develop the loop WITH the subordinate.  The document should include:

  • What is to be done.
  • Why.
  • The quality standard.
  • When it is to be delivered.
  • When it will be reviewed.

Have the subordinate write it up and send it to you.

  • This is the best way for you to KNOW the person absolutely understands the outcome, the reason, the measurable performance criteria AND the delivery/inspection date.
  • Have them put both dates on their calendar. You do the same.

This creates what’s called a ‘closed’ feedback loop.

  • You as the leader should be able to look at this and see there is no room for what I call ‘uncontrolled processes’. i.e., things that are outside your managerial or leadership control.


  • Bookkeeping financial reports delivery schedules.


  • You can’t manage what you don’t measure. And to do that you MUST
  • ‘Inspect what you expect’ by a formalized system.

Inspect What You Expect – Handout

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