Leadership Mastery Series

Leaders Elevate People To Do Their Best.

Great leaders inspire greatness in others. –Anonymous Leaders see people better than they see themselves, and help them become that.
  • Focus on people’s strengths and maximize those.
    • Don’t focus on their weaknesses and try to fix them.
    • You can elevate people by referring to something they did well, and then creating a ‘link’ to how you believe they will do well again.
  • Put the right person in the right position. This is your job as the leader.
    • Not everyone is good at everything, not even you.
    • You don’t see many 350 lb. wide receivers in the NFL.
  • Catch people doing things RIGHT and you will get more of THAT.
    • You get what you focus on.
      • People respond to what is rewarded.
    • ‘The beating will continue until morale improves.’ is NOT an effective strategy.
    • Good questions to ask yourself
      • ‘What is this person doing really well?
      • ‘What is the BEST way to get them to do …X… like that?’
Leaders Elevate People To Do Their Best – Handout

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