The KC Rainmakers Business Development & Referral Group.

Helping each member grow their business.

We share qualified business referrals and knowledge, forge lasting relationships, and provide introductions to other professionals and potential clients.

Each week Aaron Brauch, the founder of 5 multi-million dollar businesses, and an Anthony Robbins Platinum Partner Business Trainer & Coach, presents a “10-minute business development” segment to help grow the businesses and improve the lives of the attendees.

Training modules are taken from his seminars & workshops:

  • Mastering Influence – The Power to Persuade
  • Business Mastery – Grow and Lead Your Business Efficiently
  • Leadership Mastery -Lead Your Team to Maximum Results

And include such topics as:

  • What Are You Paid For and How to Make More?
  • Marketing is Everything.
  • How to Build Effective Business Systems.
  • How to Stay Motivated.
  • Habits, habits, habits – The key to your success
  • The Psychology of Success: The Secret of “The Secret.”
  • Click here for a list of topics taught in 2015

During 2016, Aaron will be conducting a 26-week step-by-step program designed to double the size of the member’s businesses. Each week a new sales, marketing, operations, management, leadership, motivation, or personal development skill will be taught.  

Group members are sure to see massive improvements in their sales, profits and bottom-line performance.  While enjoying the friendship of other like-minded high-performance business professionals.

The sessions give members one hour per week to work ON their business, not just IN their business.

The training is free to members and their guests.  

This Week’s Upcoming Topic: 

A Sales Master Class Part 07
-The “Define Next Steps and Close” Phase

  • “And Here’s The Process For Getting You That Goal.”
  • “Will that be Cash/Check/or Charge?”

Future Week’s Topics: 

A Sales Master Class Part 08
-Developing and Using Emotionally Compelling Stories in Your Sales

  • “Two guys walk into a bar. One has my widget, one doesn’t.
  • And THEN …. “

The group meets:

Every Wednesday from 1 pm to 2 pm



YP Office –
8700 Indian Creek Pkwy, Bldg #3, Suite #290
Overland Park, KS 66210

(Please enter through the training room door to the right hand side of the YP Office main reception.)

Past Topics:

Goals – Where’s the Target?

  • You can’t hit a target you can’t see.
  • Write and review; or else.

Block Time.

  • Don’t let the urgent overwhelm the important.
  • Single-minded focus for maximum results.

How to Stay Motivated.

  • The Triad of Emotions.
  • How to Control Your and Other People’s Emotions.

What Are People Actually Buying?

  • Emotions.  All sales are 90% emotional.
  • The 6 Human Needs.  How to give people what they REALLY want.

The Power of Instant Connection, Trust, and Charisma.

  • Rapport Skills.
  • People like people who are like them.

What Are You Paid For and How to Make More?
Presented: 8-5-2015

  • People pay people to solve problems.
  • Want to make more?  Solve more and bigger problems.

What the Heck is a Business Anyway?
Presented: 8-12-2015

  • A collection of SYSTEMS that solves people’s problems.
  • A good business solves problems at a profit.

The Power of Vision.
Presented: 8-19-2015

  • Google upgrades its Vision and how that can revolutionize the world.
  • “We Solve Billion Person Problems.”


Time Management is an Illusion.
Presented: 8-26-2015

  • How to manage outcomes and results for maximum productivity.
  • Your most precious currency, how are you investing it?


You Are What You Publish.
Presented: 9-2-2015

  • The reality of the connected planet.
  • Who is publishing YOU and what are they selling?


How to Increase Your Productivity – 5 Keys to Creating Great Business Systems.
Presented: 9-9-2015

  • You can’t work harder, you can only work smarter.
  • How to clone yourself with effective systems.


Who is Your Ideal Client?
Presented: 9-16-2015

  • The most important answer in the digital global age.
  • 7 billion people.  How many do you need?

What is Your Ideal Client Experience?
Presented: 9-23-2015

  • Plan it in advance.
    • How do you want them to feel?
    • How to create raving fans.

Learn More About – What is Your Ideal Client Experience?
How to Create Raving Fans Every Time.

Marketing is Everything.
Presented: 9-30-2015

  • If people don’t know about it, it doesn’t exist.
  • What wins?
    • Great product and mediocre marketing, or
    • Mediocre product and great marketing?

Learn More About – Marketing is Everything.

Habits, habits, habits.
Presented: 10-7-2015

  • Habits are to life what systems are to business.
  • Keystone and trigger habits, the keys to your success.


Guest Speaker – Todd Natenberg
Presented: 10-14-2015

  • How to Double Your E-mail Prospects in 1/2 the Time.
  • How salespeople should use e-mail for maximum results.

Turbo Charge Your Referrals.
How to have ideal clients send you more ideal clients.
Presented: 10-21-2015

Teach your current clients how to best “sell you” to new clients with:

  • A list of “trigger phrases” of problems for which your product or service provides the solution.
  • A “mashable phrase” that is memorable and communicates how you are similar too, but unique and different in the market.

Learn More About – How to Get Your Ideal Clients to Send You More Ideal Clients

The Psychology of Success: You Can Only Build on Success.  Never on Failure.
Presented: 10-28-2015

  • It’s never a matter of resources. It’s always a matter of resourcefulness.
  • You get what you focus on.
    • Find the good and reinforce it. In business and in life. 

The Psychology of Success: The Compound Effect.
Presented: 11-04-2015

  • How much better is better?
  • Start small and work up; The Compound Effect.

The Psychology of Success: The Hijack of Your Life and How to Avoid It.
Presented: 11-11-2015

  • What is “Your Life” anyway?
  • Control your focus, and you control your life.

The Psychology of Success: The Secret of “The Secret.”
Presented: 11-18-2015

  • What is “The Secret” and “Manifestation”?
  • How to use it. A real world demonstration.

The Science of Persuasion: Why We Buy.
Presented: 12-09-2015

  • All behavior, including sales, results from the desire to avoid pain and gain pleasure.
  • Create buying pressure by communicating you are the solution that helps customers get out of pain and into pleasure.

Review of All We learned in 2015.
Presented: 12-16-2015

  • This will be the final KC Rainmakers meeting for 2015.


Review of All We learned in 2015 Continued.
Presented: 1-06-2016

  • Welcome back.
  • Complete the review of the 2015 training modules.
  • Let’s Build a Business Together!

Let’s Build a Business Together – The RainMaker’s Pivots
Presented:  1-13-2016

  • Group discussion on building the RainMakers as we would a business.
  • Aaron Brauch will step-by-step lead the RainMakers group through a systematic 12-week business building exercise to double the size of the group.
  • Lessons applied each week can be used by group members to systematically double the size of their own businesses.

How to Power Up Your Goals So You Are “Pulled” Towards Them.
Presented:  1-20-2016

  • SMART goals aren’t smart enough.
  • Emotionally charge your goals with reasons that matter to you.
  • Create effective “I Am …” statements so you just “become” the person you envision.

Learn more about:- How To Make Your SMART Goals Smarter. A LOT SMARTER.

Add Some Genius to Your SMART Goals-Handout.pdf

Who Are Your Ideal Clients?
Presented:  1-27-2016

  • How to select the potential clients for whom you do the best work. AND
  • Are the most fun and profitable for you.

Who Are Your Ideal Clients.pdf

What Are Your Key Client Benefits?
Presented:  2-03-2016

  • People buy benefits, not features.  Benefits are emotions.
  • What are the tangible (things) and intangible (emotional) benefits of your product or service?
  • How to maximize the perceived value of each.

What Are Your Key Client Benefits-Handout.pdf

Creating Your “Who and Do What?” Statement.
Presented:  2-10-2016

  • Who do you serve? (Ideal clients).  And what do you do for them? (Key benefits).
  • Putting together your eloquent “client attracting statement.”
  • No more “selling”, now just “attracting.”

The Psychology of Sales – Mastering the Mental Game.
Presented:  2-17-2016

  • 90% of sales is psychology, only 10% is skill.
  • 7 Psychological shifts that will skyrocket your sales.

The Psychology of Sales – Mastering the Mental Game-Handout.pdf

A Sales Master Class – Putting It All Together 01
Presented:  2-24-2016

  • A fully explained step-by-step demonstration of how to use the Psychology of Sales and your Key Client Benefits to lead your prospects to their desired outcomes.

A Sales Master Class – Putting It All Together 01-Handout.pdf

A Sales Master Class – Part 04 – The “Discovery” Session.
Presented:  3-2-2016

  • What Do They Want?
  • And What Will It Cost Them if They Don’t Get It?

A Sales Master Class – Part 04 – The Discovery Phase-Handout

A Sales Master Class Part 05 – The “Education” Phase.
Presented: 3-9-2016

  •  You Start Talking and Become The Expert Solution to Their Problem.

A Sales Master Class – Part 05 – The Education Phase-Handout

A Sales Master Class Part 06 – The “Recommend and Self-Select” Phase
Presented: 3-16-2016

  • “And What Color Do You Want That ‘Problem/Solution’ In?”

A Sales Master Class – Part 06 – “Recommend or Self-Select” Phase