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How To Get Great Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are one of the most powerful marketing tools for any business.  They create huge social proof and credibility for your business.

They allow your current clients to sell to your future clients.  Done well, they speak in the client’s own ‘problem / solution’ language in a way that’s often difficult for us, as an industry expert, to remember.

Great testimonials are about results, not activities.

Build a testimonial getting ‘system.’  Every business should have a formalized system for getting client testimonials, and then follow on with requesting referrals.

·         Have a conversation with your client about their SPECIFIC RESULTS.

o   Get them to talk about a specific result they have gotten and make it a story.

o   Remember, this is a conversation.  You’re not asking for a testimonial yet.

·         Summarize the ‘story / conversation’ back to the client.

·         Ask the client if they would be willing to share their results with others.

o   “I love that story and the results you have gotten.”

o   “Would you be willing to let me build some kind of testimonial based on what you said, so we can inspire other people?  Because I think it’s a really great story.”

·         Offer to write the testimonial FOR them.  (Based on what they shared with you.)

o   Make it as easy as possible for the client.

o   Then YOU do so (not the client).  Because, after all, they gave you the story.

Advantages of this system.

·         Often people feel pressured when you ask them to write a testimonial for you.

·         That’s why doing this in a conversation BEFORE asking for the testimonial is so powerful.

·         It allows you to:

o   Control focus the conversation towards results.

o   It pre-frames the client toward the most positive results. And

o   It allows them to develop the necessary thoughts and language before you actually request the testimonial.

If you have them write the testimonial on their own, give them some guidance with questions like these.

·         What was your situation before we started working together?

·         What made you sign up (come to me, us, etc.)?

·         How have things improved since we started working together?

·         What’s the biggest improvement/result you’ve gotten?

·         What would you say to others considering our service?

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