Life Mastery Series

Goal Getting – Your Completed Goal Statements
and How To Use Them.

What you should have and how to use it.

      1. You should have 3, maybe 4 goals tops.
        • They should be moving ‘towards’ goals. i.e., thing you want.
        • They should be stated with emotion and in the present or past tense.
        • They should be measurable and contain a deadline.
        • There should be a plan for their accomplishments.
          1. What is a plan? More goals. Sub Goals.
          2. Quarterly goals, monthly goals, weekly goals, and yes … even daily goals.
      1. Now here is what to do with them. Read and review them regularly.
        • Print them out on a piece of paper and READ them daily.
          1. It only takes 10 to 15 seconds. But once you do, you KNOW what you should be doing that day.
          2. You can live, work, exercise, and love with intention for that day. Because you know how what you are doing contributes to those parts of your life. Your health, your wealth, your relationships, and your personal development.
        • Weekly, take 5 minutes and review your goals.
          1. What’s on track, what needs a ‘mid-course correction’, what needs to be changed, and what are you going to do about it in the coming week?
        • Monthly, you MUST take some time. An hour or so, the review your goals and your progress.
          1. Letting it go for more than a month and things can get way too far off track. They can become unrecoverable for that year.
          2. Celebrate your life. Like we did for the annual review. Focus on and appreciate all the great things going on in your life. It is YOUR life, enjoy it.
          3. If you don’t do this at least monthly, many of those accomplishments and magic memories will be lost forever.
      1. Use what you have learned to change YOURSELF and your beliefs about who you are.
        • Believe that the goal is possible.
        • Decide on the character traits you need to have to HAVE that goal.e., visualization.
        • What beliefs do you need to have in order have those character traits?
        • What habits do you need to have in order have those character traits? And
        • What language to you need to tell yourself to create those habits, beliefs, and traits?
      1. THAT language … THAT becomes your ‘Incantations.’
        • You repeat this to yourself over and over and over.
        • Until it becomes TRUE for you. And … it becomes ‘who you are.’

Goal Getting – Your Completed Goal Statements and How To Use Them

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